Research and Development


Our innovative research and development methodology is based on three pillars designed to bring you the most innovative, effective and safe supplements in the world.

Technology today moves at a fast pace, and consumers are looking for health solutions that fit into their busy lives and offer the most up-to-date knowledge of preventative medicine. What they need is a lifestyle supplement that eliminates the stress of adding health to their daily pile of worries.

Re-inventing nutraceutical supplements that actually deliver benefits for a smart and sophisticated consumer began with one basic question: what process do we need to create so that our products are different, safe, and really work?

Answering that question led to an entirely new, 3-step research and development methodology that addresses every one of the critical factors involved in producing revolutionary new supplements.



Monitor and analyze the latest scientific research.

Our researchers monitor the latest developments in anti-aging and disease prevention research constantly. But, they also apply a filter to help them pinpoint the most promising breakthroughs. Unlike other supplement producers who chase the latest money-making fad, our team adheres to the following requirements.

  • Is it reputable and repeatable? Our panel only invests time in research that comes from reputable institutions and whose results have been replicated.
  • Is it based on naturally-occurring materials? Our researchers focus exclusively on studies featuring naturally-occurring materials, not synthetic substitutes.
  • Is it new and innovative? We focus our efforts on research that shows great promise for extending and improving human health…and offers the opportunity to create a new product that is not currently available. Thus, we expand the range of natural health solutions for people.

Develop advanced formulations that conform to research studies and have the highest levels of bioavailability.

Identifying promising new research is just the first step. Developing a supplement that conforms to the parameters of the clinical studies and that is designed for the human body to be able to absorb is the difficult step. Creating a new supplement that works optimally is easier said than done. While many companies will take an ingredient mentioned in the news and develop a supplement, they do not do the research to determine dosage levels or bioavailability. The result is that often the key ingredients are simply passed through the body rather than being used. An analysis of any of our products will reveal formulations that combine ingredients in a synergistic manner to increase bioavailability and deliver the most benefit.

Adhere to quality control standards developed for the pharmaceutical industry, not just minimum requirements from the FDA.

If we only based our work on the first two pillars, we’d already be doing more than most other supplement companies. But, we take it a step further to add an extra pillar of stability to our process. We model our production, testing, and packaging standards after those developed in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. That’s right; we actually submit our research and supplements to more stringent requirements than are necessary. Why? Because we hold ourselves accountable and invest significant time and resources in testing and ensuring the purity of our ingredients, the safety of our manufacturing process, and the integrity of the end product. Product integrity is what matters to us, not getting the item on the shelf as quickly as possible. We’re in this industry to make a real change in the ways people look at their health.

We do not create fast fad products in the hope of capitalizing on a media trend. Our goal is to serve our clients for life, and earn their ongoing trust through the superior quality of the product we offer. At Biotivia, we prefer to gain customers through the slower process of delivering on long-term results rather than making a quick sale with a disappointing, hyped-up product.


Why is Biotivia able to bring new anti-aging and disease prevention breakthroughs to the market now?

Biotivia follows the work of scientists such as Dr. David Sinclair who have begun to unlock the way that the aging processes breaks down cellular health and leads to a broad spectrum of physical and cognitive ailments. Armed with this knowledge, scientists are now identifying naturally occurring molecules that can protect cells and even repair damage that has already occurred. Our researchers track this research before it hits the media and begin preparing formulations that mimic the clinical studies to develop safe supplements that have the potential to extend the number of active, disease-free years. To be clear, we do not promise or guarantee our products will extend your life. No one can, and if they do, you should be skeptical. But we do guarantee that our products are safe and that they are based on the very latest scientific research, which provides strong indications of significant health benefit.

Why don’t pharmaceutical companies just act on the same research?

Biotivia applies this early stage research in a way that pharmaceutical and vitamin companies cannot or will not. The short answer is that pharmaceutical companies are not in the same business as we are. They operate in a different system that binds the extent of their research possibilities.

Despite the promise of these recent breakthroughs, pharmaceutical companies have a very hard time exploiting this new information for several reasons. First, most of the promising new compounds are naturally occurring and thus cannot be patented. Moreover, the FDA regulatory process requires pharmaceutical companies to prove they are effective at treating specific diseases after they occur – and most of the breakthroughs are pointing to ingredients that could potentially prevent a broad spectrum of diseases before they occur. Pharmaceutical companies are not bad; they are just rational businesses, with much easier and proven ways to put their billions in research and development dollars to work.

Most traditional vitamin and supplement companies fail to exploit these new breakthroughs for other reasons. Quite simply, many vitamin companies do not have research departments and market their products as pure commodities. And unfortunately, too many of them take advantage of minimal FDA regulations to short cut product quality or to make unsupportable claims. There’s little consequence for doing so.

However, minimal requirements do not necessitate low standards. Biotivia was founded precisely to fill this vacuum and bring the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging research to the general public in a safe and timely manner. At Biotivia, we bring together the agility of biotech startups, the quality control standards of pharmaceutical companies, and the natural purity of a farmers market.