Transmax TR



Featuring MicroActive® Resveratrol, Transmax TR delivers an incredible 


250% boost in bio-availability and our Time Release formula means Transmax TR lasts up to 12 hours in the blood stream. That’s six times more than conventional Resveratrol. This breakthrough in Resveratrol supplementation ensures your body receives an effective and sustained supply of Resveratrol. If you’re serious about Resveratrol… Transmax TR is the logical choice.



Micronization ensures a sustained release of Resveratrol.

MicroActive® Resveratrol was compared to 99% resveratrol powder in a dissolution study that approximates transport through both the gastric and intestinal environments. Compared with resveratrol powder, MicroActive® Resveratrol dissolved more slowly and demonstrated sustained released over a longer period. The resveratrol powder showed complete dissolution in 4 hours, while the MicroActive® formula showed sustained release over 12 hours, with 97% of the dose released.


Sustained Time Release means better absorption.

A human study comparing MicroActive® Resveratrol to standard resveratrol powder showed that the total resveratrol uptake of MicroActive® Resveratrol is more than double that of 98% resveratrol powder. It also remains in the intestine longer due in part to the use of bio-adhesive polymers, demonstrating a dramatically improved residence time as compared to the unformulated resveratrol (Figure 1). Because of this improved residence time, MicroActive® Resveratrol is a highly efficient and cost-effective product that allows more resveratrol to be absorbed by the cells at lower dosages. (3)


Figure 1. In human tests, MicroActive® Resveratrol dissolves over a longer period of time than the standard ‘control’ Resveratrol powder. Standard Resveratrol was completely absorbed in 4 hours, but MicroActive® Resveratrol lasted for 12 hours. This means the active time in the body can be around 300% longer than standard Resveratrol. (2)


Figure 2. Improved bio-activity. Standard Resveratrol (the ‘control’ line on the graph) peaks in the blood plasma about two hours after it is taken, but its presence diminishes rapidly. MicroActive® Resveratrol has Time Release benefits, so your body has a more even supply over the first 15 hours. (2)


Figure 3. Improved bio-availability. As MicroActive® Resveratrol has micronized particles, it is more bio-available. The smaller particles are more easily carried around the blood stream, and more of the Resveratrol is absorbed. This results in more health benefits and better value for money. (2)

Benefits of Transmax TR

Youth extension

Extending youth begins by slowing the natural process of aging. According to numerous research studies, that’s exactly the promise of Resveratrol. Our pure 98% resveratrol protects mitochondrial function and thus offers the potential to increase energy levels and prevent or delay the onset of age-related conditions.


Brain performance and health

More and more research is pointing to the promise of resveratrol to improve cognitive function and potentially prevent age-related brain disorders. Research shows that resveratrol improves brain performance by stimulating cerebral blood flow. And its anti-inflammatory properties could help prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Cardiovascular health

While the research is still early, recent studies indicate Resveratrol’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help protect against heart issues. As we age, excessive internal inflammation can cause blood platelet aggregation, which is a major cause of heart problems. Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory properties are being researched as a potential preventative treatment for this condition. In addition, Resveratrol appears to improve circulation by promoting the natural production of nitric oxide.


Weight management

There is no substitute for diet and exercise, but Resveratrol might give you an unfair advantage. In a recent research study, those who had been given resveratrol gained 40% less weight than those that had not. It appears that resvertrol converts excess white fat into calorie-burning beige fat that helps protect against weight gain.

Counteract unhealthy conditions

We all aspire to eat better, get more active and lose weight. But for those still suffering from blood glucose issues and respiratory conditiond, resveratrol might be able to counteract the worst health effects of these conditions. In fact, the research suggests that those with weight and blood glucose issues could benefit the most from resveratrol.




Numerous research studies show that calorie restriction has significant health benefits. The good news is that Resveratrol can mimic the effects of calorie restriction.

So if your lifestyle means you find it hard to diet, Transmax TR could keep your body healthier until you find the space to really lose weight. In fact many scientists and consumers say that by increasing mitochochondrial energy, Resveratrol can kickstart weight loss by helping you take more exercise. Think of resveratrol as double health insurance.

The actions you take today influence your health as you get older. Transmax TR can be a big step in the right direction.




As we age, our cells accumulate damage. This damage undermines the ability of cells to function properly. Mitochondria, known as the power plant for our cells, lose their ability to efficiently generate energy for our bodies. Even worse, mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) replication errors begin to proliferate. Research has shown a direct link between these mDNA errors and a variety of age-related conditions from hair loss, to loss of energy, to serious health ailments.


At Biotivia, we want to provide straightforward information. The simple facts are that while there is a great deal of evidence pointing the to benefits of resveratrol, it is still a new compound that is still being studied.


The leading theories on how resveratrol works point to its ability to prevent this type of cell damage. This enables our cells to continue to produce energy efficiently, and to prevent cell mutations that could lead to fatal conditions.


How does resveratrol prevent the age-related deterioration caused by cell damage? The recent research suggests Resveratrol protects cells and counteracts the results of previous cell damage. It protects cells by neutralizing the excessive oxidation that can impair healthy cell functioning. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cell oxidation leads to excessive internal inflammation that contribute to age-related problems, especially heart conditions. Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent these age-related afflictions.


Leading clinical researchers have selected Biotivia resveratrol to use in studies on the potential benefits of resveratrol. These institutions researched multiple brands and selected Biotivia based on the quality and bio-availability of our products.

Here’s what makes our resveratrol research grade

  • Ingredients – Pure 98% trans-resveratrol sourced from the highest quality suppliers.
  • Bio-Available. Our Time Release formula is active in the body for 12+ hours. That’s a 600% increase on standard resveratrol.
  • Bio-Active. Our micronized particles are carried more efficiently through the body. That delivers up to 250% more health benefits.
  • Certifications – Biotivia has been independently reviewed and approved by Consumer Labs, the gold standard in supplement certifications
  • Production quality – Transmax TR is produced in the USA by cGMP certified facilities.
  • Clean – Transmax TR contains no fillers, no artificial ingredients, and is certified Vegan.